3.7 million Aussie households experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months

This year’s report highlights just how many households are experiencing food insecurity for the very first time, and how reluctant these people are to ask for help, despite how urgently they need food relief. It’s clear the cost-of-living crisis is exacerbating the challenges facing those in vulnerable circumstances, and forcing people to make compromises on what and when they are eating.” Brianna Casey, CEO, Foodbank Australia

The annual Hunger Report from our partner and Australia’s largest food relief agency, Foodbank Australia, highlights the confronting reality of food insecurity for an increasing number of Aussies. According to the latest  2023 report, 48% of the general population (up from 45% in 2022) feels anxious or struggle to consistently access adequate food.


The rising cost of living, including the cost of groceries and housing, is the most common reason why so many Aussies are going without food.

We’ve partnered with Foodbank since 2001 to help school kids have full tummies so they can learn to their full potential through the School Breakfast Program and since 2010 to put food on the table for Aussies in need through the Collaborative Supply Program.