Return & Earn

Container Deposit Schemes

We are a contributor to container deposit schemes in participating states across Australia, helping to fund the collection of our eligible products including UP&GO cartons and So Good bottles designed for consuming ‘away from home’. You can recycle larger 1L So Good cartons through the kerbside recycling system if your council accepts them.

Container deposit schemes have been designed by governments to address the littering of waste beverage containers and improve recycling rates. They provide a financial incentive of a 10-cent refund for each container returned.

NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, WA and NT all have schemes in place. Tasmania and Victoria have plans to implement them in the next couple of years.

These schemes not only reduce litter, they also facilitate cleaner recycling streams, create local jobs, and provide community groups with the opportunity to fundraise or earn extra money to support their causes.