Dial back your added sugar & salt intake

Check out tips, recipes and products to help you reduce added sugar and salt without compromising on taste!

What gets you up in the morning? Smart Choices. 

You can do a lot with a day, if you start it right. Getting the right start to the day allows you to take on new challenges, try new things.

While natural sugars from fruit, vegetables and dairy can all be included as part of a healthy diet, to minimise the impact on our health, it’s important to limit intake of added sugar. Find out the ways you can reduce added sugar and salt for a healthier diet, starting with these tasty recipes.  

Check out our health and nutrition tips!

Get across these nutrition tips to reduce added sugar in your meals without compromising on taste.


Sugar, friend or foe?

Sugar free diets are the latest trend and they may be helping us avoid processed foods and drinks that are high in added sugars, but they're also encouraging some people to avoid important wholefoods that protect their health.

Sugar is not a bad word. You don’t need to ‘quit sugar’ or go ‘sugar free’ to be healthy...


The best smoothie ingredients if you're cutting back on sugar

If you are working hard at being healthier, or trying to reduce the added sugar in your diet, what are the smoothie ingredients you should use to get the balance of your blend just right?


Hold the salt - 5 other ways to add flavour

We all know eating too much sugar has its risks, but did you know it’s equally important to not go too heavy on the salt?  Here are our top five tips for reducing salt in the kitchen without compromising on taste.


What's the DASH diet?

Is it possible to keep high blood pressure in check just by eating right? With no medication?

While it may sound too good to be true, these are the results people have achieved on the DASH diet.


5 healthy foods to beat the afternoon slump

Does the 3.30pm slump have you diving for the office biscuit barrel or scoffing the kid’s fundraiser chocolates. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For many of us, the 3.30 slump is real and completely normal. It hits us between lunch and dinner when we are low in energy. 


Refresh your pantry - an easy step to a healthier you!

Don’t leave it to the end of the year to make a new commitment to health and wellbeing. By committing before the end of year party season starts, you can build good habits so you can enjoy this time of the year in a healthy way.

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Start the day right with these low or no added sugar options