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Natural vs added sugar: everything you need to know

FoodServing sizeFree sugars*  
Soft drink, cola flavour600mL bottle6516
Sports drink, all flavours600mL bottle4210.5
Chocolate bar, with nougat and caramel centre1 bar (60g)307.5
Chocolate chip muffin1 muffin (100g)297
Vanilla flavoured yoghurt1 cup (250mL)205
Chocolate flavoured milk1 cup (250mL)123
Vanilla ice-cream2 scoops (100mL)72
Barbecue sauce1 tbs (15mL)72
Sweet and sour sauce1 tbs (15mL)61.5
French salad dressing1 tbs (15mL)20.5
There are about 4 grams of sugar in each teaspoon
Source: NUTTAB 2010 from FSANZ.