The secret to building the perfect summer smoothie

There’s nothing better than sipping on a fresh smoothie in summer. They’re so simple to make, offer grab-and-go convenience and you can customise them to your taste. And even better, you can pack them full of veggies to help you reach your 5 serves a day.

You may love them, but do you find yourself wondering why you feel hungry straight after drinking them? This guide provides you with an easy formula to build a perfectly balanced smoothie that will help keep you feeling full and firing on all cylinders this summer. 

Firstly, are smoothies good for me? 

The short answer is – sometimes. They’re a great option when you’re time poor, need an easy portable breakfast that can pack in the nutrients or to get some extra fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds into the kids.   

If you’re overloading your smoothie with sweeteners and forgetting the healthy fats, protein and complex carbs, then you are likely consuming something that’s high in calories but not satisfying – so you’ll be hungry 5 minutes after drinking it.  

The best smoothies don’t just taste great, they’re also nutritionally balanced – with a nice mix of healthy wholefoods, good fats and protein. A well-made smoothie can be a healthy choice at any time of the day and is a great alternative to skipping meals completely. It’s just a matter of getting the balance right.  

So what’s the secret formula? 

To make sure you always achieve a balanced smoothie that’ll help keep you feeling fuller for longer, there are a few basic guidelines to follow: 

  • Have fun with fruit: Include at least one fruit  – frozen fruit is especially nice in summer and gives it that thick texture. If you like a creamy smoothie, frozen bananas are a great addition for taste, and texture. Using frozen fruits is also a good way to help with food waste and use up fruit that may be past its best. Chop them up and store in a Tupperware in the freezer ready to be blended in a flash.   

  • Pack it with protein: Include a protein to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. You can add soy or dairy milk, yoghurt and nut butters for a tasty smoothie-friendly protein hit.  

  • Don’t forget the veg: Add at least one veggie for maximum nutrition and fibre. Adding vegetables to your smoothie is a simple way to help you reach your goal of 5 serves a day. Most blend easily without altering the taste.  

  • Go for good fats: Include healthy fats like nut butters, seeds or avocado for longer satisfaction. Avocado can also help give your smoothie a nice creamy texture without impacting on flavour.  

  • Grab a grain: Adding wholegrains to your smoothies is a great way to help meet your recommended 48g of wholegrains per day. Plus they can help you feel fuller for longer and help make the smoothie nice and thick. 


The perfect summer smoothie formula 

Base formula

Plant milk: ½ - 1 cup 

Choose a calcium fortified option

Fruit: up to 1 cup

Personalise it

For energy:  

add foods like wholegrains such as 1 Weet-Bix, ¼ cup rolled oats or dates 

For protein:  

add foods like peanut butter, yoghurt, or your favourite protein powder 

For an extra fibre boost:  

add 1 tbsp of chia seeds or flaxseed / linseed meal 

For extra veg:  

add foods like baby spinach, carrot, or cucumber 

For a main meal:  

combine more of the above steps (particularly protein and wholegrain) 

Click here to download our handy guide to creating the perfect summer smoothie!

Slow down and enjoy 

Once you have your perfectly balanced smoothie, try not to gulp it down as you’re racing out the door. If you can, take the time to sip it and savour the taste. 

Studies have shown that eating slowly and mindfully help with a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. When you’re eating (or drinking!) too quickly, your body doesn’t get a chance to signal to the brain that you’re getting full and should probably stop eating.   

If you have extra time, you could even sit down and enjoy your creation as a smoothie bowl.

Blueberry, cinnamon & oat smoothie

Try it for yourself 

Try some of our delicious smoothies as inspiration and play around with different combinations and ingredients and you’ll quickly be nailing nutritious, filling smoothies that are tasty too! 

Orange and Mango green smoothie 

Peanut butter smoothie 

So Good Banana Smoothie 

Weet-Bix, avocado and coconut smoothie 

Merry cherry smoothie bowl