Best breakfasts to keep you full and firing on all cylinders until lunchtime

If the countdown to lunch feels way too long. Or you’re diving for the biscuit barrel by 10am for a quick pick- me-up. It may be time to try a new breakfast combo.

To give your body what it needs to power through the morning, choose a breakfast that’s higher in protein, fibre, quality carbohydrates, and lower in added sugar.

The mix of fibre and protein will help to keep you feeling full, while quality carbs and protein provide slower-release, long-lasting energy.

As well as helping you reduce mid-morning snacking, a good breakfast will provide a host of vitamins and minerals. These are the types of nutrients you need to cut through brain fog, put a pep in your step, and give you the energy to take on the day.

So, what are some of the best filling breakfasts that are super easy and quick to make?

We ask three experts - a busy mum of four, a dietitian and one of Australia’s favourite foodies - to find out their go-to healthy breakfast to stay full and energised. 

Hearty TikTok Breakfast Wrap, by Stacey Kemeys


Why you’ll love it: delicious plant-protein combo to-go.

Health benefits at a glance: a good source of iron, vitamin C, and plant-based protein.

“Mornings in my house start early. My early bird children used to drive me crazy, but I’ve learnt to embrace it. One thing for sure is we are never late for school!” said Stacey, a New Zealand mum of four.

“I always eat breakfast because I have it with my kids. I look for something with protein, fibre and a serve of fruit or veggies, but most importantly something we can all eat. I am big on making one thing for everyone in the house to keep my life simple.

“I love toasted wraps because they are easy and a fun way to eat breakfast. You can also add a mixture of fillings hitting the protein, fibre, and veggie combo that I look for.”

These breakfast wraps use the TikTok hack of stacking flavour on flavour. Each quarter is filled with something different; here Stacey uses tofu, tomatoes, spinach, and hummus.

Stacey’s clever mix of toppings are not only tasty but they knock it out the park for goodness.

Spinach provides iron, potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium, nutrients you need for your brain to stay focused and combat fatigue. The tomatoes are a perfect pair for spinach helping your body absorb the iron from the leafy greens and tofu. Can’t find spinach at the moment, try silverbeet or kale leaves instead.

Hummus not only takes the flavour up a notch it also boosts the plant protein and fibre content. While tofu is the nutrition hero of this dish. It’s high in plant protein and is a source of iron and calcium.

Tofu also contains isoflavones – a naturally occurring compound that contains important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also mimic some of the positive effects of the hormone oestrogen like reducing hot flushes.

Tip: Make extra and pop them in school lunchboxes!

Loaded cereal bowl, by Sanitarium dietitian

Eliza Baird

Why you’ll love it: fast and filling.

Health benefits at a glance: rich in protein, excellent source of fibre and loaded with fatigue fighting vitamins.

This is a super-fast breakfast at its best – made in under 5 minutes. Dietitian Eliza Baird simply starts with her favourite wholegrain cereal and loads it with a tasty combination of toppings to take nutrients to the next level.

“Wholegrains have a lot to brag about,” said Eliza Baird APD. “As well as helping to keep you feeling full and energized, research shows wholegrains can protect against heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. They can also help to keep your weight in check.

“So, to start building a loaded cereal bowl, I always choose a cereal that is high in wholegrains. I also look for an option that’s high in iron and B vitamins for energy.

“I then add yoghurt for the protein, walnuts and pumpkin seeds for omega -3 fatty acids, and berries for the sweetness and antioxidants. It’s a mix that good for satiety, gut health and your brain, too.”

Tip: Choose whatever fruit is in season and cheap. Or frozen berries are a tasty nutritious option too.

Dairy Free Pancakes, by Leah Itsines


Why you’ll love it: winner with everyone.

Health benefits at a glance: dairy-free, source of protein, fibre, iron and calcium.

Everyone loves a good pancake, no matter how old you are. Much-loved Australian foodie Leah Itsines has shared her famous pancakes – a recipe that is dairy-free, low in added sugar and best of all, taste-tested and approved by her daughter Gigi.

“I’m obsessed with these, you can make some for you, some for your kids. We love using So Good Oat Milk No Added Sugar as it’s high in calcium and a source of vitamin D, B2 and B12,” said Leah.

The pancake recipe uses berries and mashed banana for sweetness, gut-loving fibre as well extra vitamins and antioxidants.

Tip: Leah plates them up as the perfect toddler finger food for her Gigi by slicing the pancakes in strips, topping the strips with oat-based yoghurt and mashing a few berries on the aide.

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