3 ways with tinned legumes

Tinned legumes are a cheap and healthy staple to have in the pantry for those busy days. They include chickpeas, butter beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans and lentils. Just rinse and drain tinned legumes before using them to reduce the salt.

Legumes are unique in their nutrition status and really do deserve the label of superfood. They can provide:

  • Nutrients such as B vitamins, iron and zinc for energy, plus calcium and magnesium for bone and muscle health

  • One of the best sources of plant protein

  • Gut friendly fibre, including prebiotics fibres to support a healthy digestive system

  • Phytonutrients (powerful plant compounds) and are low GI

Research on legumes has linked regularly eating the humble bean to some big health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, some cancers, better weight management and living longer.

Here’s three ways to turn tinned legumes into an easy, budget-friendly and tasty meal, which provide a source of protein and are very high in fibre.

Smoky red kidney beans


Curried coconut butter beans


Parmesan and spinach black beans