Gear up for the school term!

Check out a stack of tips, tricks, recipes and products to help your kids start the year right

What gets you up in the morning? School bells.

You can do a lot with a day, if you start it right. Getting the right start to the day allows you to take on new challenges, try new things. Seeing our little ones achieve their goals is what motivates us.

We know that back to school time can be hectic for families so we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks so you don’t miss those school bells.

Check out our health and nutrition tips!

Can eating breakfast help kids at school?

Getting your kids to eat breakfast can be a battle, but is it a fight worth having? We chew over breakfast and school work, and look at the best brekkies to eat before exams. 

Best lunchbox ideas for back to school and work

Back to school, back to work, back to packing lunches.
Whether lunchboxes are a source of pride or pain, this is a must read. We’ve called in an expert to share her ingenious tips on making delicious healthy lunchboxes for kids and adults too.


8 easy ways to maintain your lunchbox mojo

Whether you’re a first-time school parent or a seasoned school veteran, the lunchbox battle can get the best of anyone.


5 reasons breakfast is a must

As the name suggests, breakfast literally breaks the fast. It’s crucial to take five minutes to fuel your body and brain with the energy and nutrients that a good quality brekkie provides.


Top 3 tips to manage your child’s screen time

Devices like smartphones and tablets have become powerful tools to communicate, entertain and seek information - connecting us as a global community in a way many never thought possible.


Teens should be eating this for better brains and healthier bodies

Eating breakfast is one of the key lifestyle factors linked to less body fat and better school grades among teens, according to four recent studies.


Family fitspo – super ideas to get your family up and moving

Finding enough time to exercise amongst the chaos of family life can be tricky, but just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t mean you have to miss a work-out.


Good Start Breakfast Clubs

Sanitarium's Good Start Breakfast Club program works through partnerships with Foodbank Australia and Kickstart for Kids to offer a healthy breakfast and nutrition education to thousands of school children in areas of greatest need around Australia.

That should help you to get your kids out the door with the right food in their lunchboxes. Here's some more great food for thought:

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Start the day right with these breakfast options