Vegie Delights

As part of Sanitarium's continued commitment to developing sustainable, healthy communities, Vegie Delights have the target of 100% of our Vegie Delights packaging being recyclable by 2025.  More than 53% of our packaging carries the Australian Recycling Label (ARL)*. The ARL informs you how to recycle the packaging. 



Currently our canned products are recyclable and our frozen packaging is recyclable through REDcycle (just be sure to follow the instructions).   


Our Vegie Delights chilled products like Vegie Delights Sausages and Mince come in a sleeve.  We are still working on alternative solutions for the sleeve and inner wrap (while ensuring our high standards of food safety and nutrition for our chilled products), which are not currently recyclable. 

As we continue to develop and research packaging solutions for our chilled range and inner wraps we are working with packaging suppliers and industry experts to find solutions that meet our commitment while ensuring our priority is focused on maintaining our high standards of food safety and nutrition for our products.  



Our Vegie Delights frozen products, like Vegie Delights Schnitzels and Smokey BBQ Burgers, come in a pouch. The pouch is conditionally recyclable through soft plastic recycling schemes (if available in your area). 

For more information please see our FAQ page



Soft plastic recycling update

REDcycle have temporarily paused their soft plastics collection program from 9 November 2022, due to several unforeseen challenges.
The full details are available on the REDcycle website here.

What should people do with their soft plastic now?
If you are not in an area with Curby or other kerbside soft plastic recycling trial options, for the short term, please place soft plastic in the rubbish, do not put soft plastic in your home kerbside recycling bin as it is not recyclable in that system.

We understand that this may be very disappointing for our customers. Sanitarium remain committed to our packaging goal of 100% of our packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.