So Good

With so many ways to enjoy So Good, more and more Australians are turning to our great tasting dairy free milks for both health and environmental reasons. Not only is So Good Lighter, Brighter and Better, our packaging is too.


The long-life cartons we use for our beverages have the lowest carbon footprint of the most commonly used packaging in Australia, according to a recent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Here’s why:

So Good cartons are fully recyclable, including the cap if you leave it on the empty pack. Recycling facilities vary from state to state and in regional areas. You can check if your council accepts them for recycling here.

PET Bottles

So Good plastic bottles are made of PET plastic, a strong and lightweight plastic widely used for food and beverages. They’re accepted in most kerbside recycling systems.  

We produce So Good in opaque PET plastic bottles, to help ensure you experience its optimal nutrition and taste quality.  Opaque PET can be recycled into asphalts for roads, decking materials, furniture and other extruded plastic items.  

You can also recycle the caps and ‘scrunchable’ plastic sleeves through most kerbside recycling collections if you leave them attached to the bottle.