Responsible marketing to children

Genuine care for the health and wellbeing of every one is core to our business and Sanitarium’s guiding philosophy. Responsible marketing to children is fundamental to this philosophy and underpins our promotion of healthy food choices. 

Sanitarium was one of the first signatories to the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative led by the Australian Food & Grocery Council. These guidelines influence all our media buying decisions. To date we have reported full compliance to this initiative. In promoting our products, we choose to partner with values-aligned organisations and individuals. We continue to invest in inspiring Australian children to lead a healthy lifestyle through long-standing relationships with Cricket Australia and Australian sporting heroes like Tim Cahill and Stephanie Gilmore. Our promotion of the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is often used as a best practice model for responsible marketing to children.

Most importantly our foods are developed to meet a high standard of evidence-based nutrition. Australia’s iconic breakfast cereal, Weet-Bix, has a 5 Health Star Rating (HSR) and it is consistently voted as Australia’s most trusted breakfast food. It’s a reputation we are grateful to hold and will always strive to protect.