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Mushroom Soup

Serves: 4
Prep: 10
Cook: 15

    A creamy mushroom soup that's full of rich 'umami' flavours to warm you this winter. Quick and easy to make, it's great served warm for lunch or dinner with crunchy croutons.



    • 2 tbsp olive oil  

    • 1 large brown onion, peeled and diced  

    • 4 cloves garlic, minced  

    • 600g mushrooms, thinly sliced (can use a mix of swiss brown & white button) 

    • 2 bay leaves 

    • 1 tsp dried thyme   

    • 2 tbsp plain flour  

    • 3 cups vegetable stock reduced salt  

    • 1 cup SoGood Oat No Added Sugar  

    • 1/8 tsp black pepper  

    To serve: 

    • Fresh parsley   

    • Croutons  

    • Cracked black pepper  


    1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium high heat. Once hot, add in the onions and fry for 2-3 minutes until translucent.  

    2. Add in the garlic and fry for another minute.  

    3. Add in the mushrooms and fry for 5 minutes until golden and cooked down.  

    4. Add in the thyme, bay leaves and flour. Mix well to coat the mushrooms.  

    5. Pour in the stock, turn the heat down and simmer for 15 minutes.    

    6. Pour in the milk and continue to cook for another 5 minutes.  

    7. Season with pepper to taste and blend. You can add in extra stock or milk if you want it thinner/runnier. You can also choose to keep it chunkier or blend until completely smooth.  

    8. Garnish and serve!  


    • If shallots are unavailable, one brown, white or red spanish onion can be used as an alternative.

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