Must-try vegetarian restaurants and cafes

Vegan is one of the country’s biggest food trends. In fact, Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world. With the plant-based movement gaining more momentum each year, vegetarian and vegan eateries are sprouting up in every major city to cater to the demand.

While many restaurants and fast-food chains have stepped up to offer more plant-friendly options, we’ve found 7 of the best all veggie venues that will be sure to tempt your taste buds.

1. Adelaide

Let Them Eat
This little eatery is revolutionising the ‘fast food’ concept by providing wholefood on the run. All their produce comes from South Australia and surrounds, sourced from local farmer’s markets. Their food is free from preservatives and chemicals and packaged with recyclable materials. Whether you’re eating in or taking home for later, these rustic, wholesome goodies will make your taste buds smile. 

2. Melbourne

Feel like Middle Eastern? Or Mediterranean? Or Asian? At Transformer, you can have all three. It’s rustic, industrial, trendy — everything a good Melbourne restaurant should be. Their innovative, plant-based menu is a fusion of cuisines, resulting in sophisticated vegetarian food. Think crunchy tofu bao buns, rye gnocchi with blueberry compote and curried polenta.

3. Sydney

Two years after changing their dinner menu to be entirely vegetarian, the team at Yellow have never looked back. They were well ahead of the game in recognising the growing trend for plant-based food, and the restaurant has become an institution in Sydney. The building comes with its own bohemian history, having housed and exhibited some of the city’s most fabled artists. Enjoy your food surrounded by hues of lemon, canary and mustard.

4. Brisbane

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze
Eating here is definitely a family affair. Charlie’s was created after brothers Johnny and Michael struggled to find great, readily available plant-based food. It’s not just a juice bar — think smoothie bowls, toasties, and ‘raw-some’ treats like gelato and nice cream (their signature). With a fruit and veggie market right behind, you can’t get much fresher than this. The best bit? They’re open 24/7!

5. Canberra

Sweet Bones
What’s not to love about an entirely vegan bakery? Through its extensive sweet and savoury offerings, Sweet Bones has cemented itself as a local favourite. Owners Emma and Russell source as many of their ingredients locally as possible, and have a passion for inventive, cruelty-free and delicious food. Think coconut bacon, coconut cheese, nut milks and tofu done all the ways.

6. Hobart

Straight Up
A must try destination among Hobart’s bustling café scene. The team over at Straight Up are committed to providing a no-nonsense approach to clean eating. They pride themselves on their entirely vegetarian menu that is 100% gluten free and boasts a delectable range of low and no refined sugar desserts. They are also big on recycling and use all bio packaging.
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