Healthy Eating and Drinking

Article: Ready, prep, grow! How to make healthy food fun for your kids

During the early years of childhood, the foods and drinks that children grow up consuming are likely to stay with them into adulthood.

A healthy diet lays down a key foundation for healthy growth and development.

Eating and drinking to excess (especially the wrong kinds of foods or drinks) creates a serious risk of causing lifelong health problems.

Eating well and consuming healthy drinks are now known to be essential for children to grow and function to the best of their potential. 1

Replacing high energy, nutrient-poor food with fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, legumes and nuts and replacing high energy drinks with water, can help reduce childhood rates of obesity and provide protection against many chronic health problems.

Eating meals together as a family and helping in the preparation of family meals, can enhance both important physical and social development.

The Little People, Big Lives report recommends that families take steps to:
  • Schedule unrushed family meals that are ‘electronic free’ zones
  • Replace high calorie snack foods with fruit and vegetables
  • Replace soft drinks with water
  • Let vegetables make up most of your meals

Download the full report here and watch the video below to hear from Ada Nicodemou and the Minter family on the practical ways they encourage healthy eating and drinking for their kids.


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