Safety, Security, Love and Belonging

Article: Giving your kids a healthy sense of self - the key to emotional resilience

To be cared for and feel loved is essential for all children to flourish. A consistent and reliable adult carer creates in the child the basis for future lifelong resilience.

This is especially important in the early years of childhood – creating important opportunities and critical challenges.

Love, security and safety are considered the most prominent aspect of wellbeing.

When children feel emotionally supported in loving relationships, they become more confident and develop a healthy sense of self.

Love and positive feelings are fundamental in providing children with a sympathetic view of a safe and nurturing world.

Helping children find their strengths and take a positive attitude to life help draw the child’s attention to the strengths of others and the good things around them.1

Praising children and noticing and appreciating the contributions they make, helps build their confidence and self-worth. Taking a strengths-based approach and using positive parenting styles, helps to build resilience in children.

The Little People, Big Lives report recommends that families reconnect with:

  • Play and laughter
  • The safety and security of consistent, supportive and loving relationships
  • Singing and sharing stories

Download the full report here and watch the video below to hear from the Minter family on the practical ways they try to create a sense of safety, security, love and belonging in their children's lives.