Make health contagious in the workplace

The strongest willpower can be tested by the staff morning tea of cake and chips. A group of supportive colleagues is the key to making lasting healthy changes. Get them on board!

  • Set a day for a group of colleagues to bring in a healthy lunch and eat it together in a local park. Or in winter, organise a pot-luck lunch for everyone to share.

  • Do you have a snack box or vending machine in the office? Ask about getting in some healthy options such as a mid-morning fruit delivery. Make the healthy choice the easy choice by limiting the availability of treat foods.

  • If you have a staff canteen, work with managers to offer healthier options.

  • Organise a walking group during lunch breaks. Or even have walking meetings.

  • Standing up whenever you take or make a call is a great way to break up the sitting routine at your desk. The less sitting we do, the better.

  •  Found a great new healthy recipe—why not share it on your intranet or in the staff newsletter?

  • Suggest entering a work team in a local sports league or other sporting events.

First published in Sanitarium’s Good food news

July 2016

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