Take care of your gut health

Check out a stack of tips, tricks, recipes and products to help you take care of your gut health.

What gets you up in the morning? Balance.  

You can do a lot with a day, if you start it right. Getting the right start to the day allows you to take on new challenges, try new things.

Gut health isn’t just a fad or the latest craze. We shine the spotlight on what gut health is, why it’s important and ways to look after it.  For example, how to get more fibre, which helps keep your digestive system moving as part of a balanced diet. 

Check out our nutrition tips to help you take care of your gut health


The gut health challenge

Have you heard of people counting plants, instead of calories? Popping an extra veggie into the dinner mix to make it to 30? And why 30?

It’s all a part of the 30 Plants in 7 Days Challenge – finally a diet trend we can get behind 100%25.


Boost your mood with these gut-loving foods

Does what you eat really have an effect on how you feel? We’re not talking about comfort foods or emotional eating, but could a healthy diet help you manage stress, perk up your mood and even help you laugh more? 


The ultimate guide to gut health

Gut health seems to be the latest lifestyle craze with more and more people sipping kombucha, taking probiotics and loading up on fermented foods. But do you really need to look after your gut?


Fibre, fermented foods and FODMAPS - what do I really need for a healthy gut?

For hundreds of years, it was believed that bugs were bad and removing all bacteria from your body was the best way to improve your health. Wrong! 


Why you need a healthy gut for good immunity

Gut health plays a crucial role in supporting our immune system. To put it simply, a healthier gut means you have a better chance of warding off bugs and germs. But why?


What's the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

You may have heard the terms prebiotics and probiotics but what do they really mean and what role do they both play in keeping you healthy?


Gut healthy foods for living a long and healthy life

It may be time to rewrite the saying “you’re only as old as you feel”, as it increasingly appears that aging is actually linked to how well your gut feels and your overall gut health.


FODMAPs - Why certain foods can upset your gut

If you commonly battle bloating, constipation or tummy troubles, a low FODMAP diet may offer relief. But what is a low FODMAP diet and how can it help your gut? 


8 ways to beat bloating

Sanitarium dietitians share their dos and don’ts to help avoid bloating, ease the discomfort when bloating hits and get that happy gut back. 


Cutting grains? Think again

If you’re looking to slim down, cutting out grains may not be the answer. A review by one of Australia’s leading dietitians has found the unique way grains interact with the gut can have benefits for weight loss and so much more.

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*Note: Our gluten free products have been designed for those that have been advised by health professionals to avoid gluten in their diets.