So Good, UP&GO, and Toatl get a recycling makeover

Nourishing Australian households has always been important to us. This includes taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, because a healthy planet fuels healthy communities. 

That’s why we’re soon introducing clear PET bottles for our So Good (1L), UP&GO, and Toatl (500ml) brands. You’ll get to enjoy the same flavours you know and love, now in clear packaging that’s more recyclable.

Moving from opaque PET to clear PET means our bottles can be recycled into a wider range of materials, over and over again, increasing the circularity of our packaging.

With 94% of our packaging already recyclable, reusable or compostable, this change brings us closer to achieving our goal of 100% across all packaging by 2025, in line with government packaging targets

And to ensure our bottles end up being recycled to their full potential, we’ve taken steps to make the process easier for you. Here are the different options for how to recycle our bottles, depending on where you are:

  • If you're using a Container Deposit scheme, simply drop-off the UP&GO and Toatl bottle, cap, and label and get 10c back for every bottle you recycle.
  • For those who have at-home or curbside collections, just pop in the recycling bin all three bottles and re-attached caps only. You’ll need to first remove the plastic label and dispose of it in your regular waste bin.
  • As recycling guidelines can vary by location, we recommend checking with your local council, collection centre or Planet Ark for any other specific instructions. Some places might ask you to place the cap in the regular bin for example. 

Find out more about our sustainability goals across our products and initiatives here.

Last updated 15 October 2023