What is the circular economy and how do we contribute?

The circular economy is an innovative system for rethinking the way we use products and services for the benefit of society, the environment and business.

We are contributing to the creation of a circular economy by:

  • Getting involved in the national soft plastics recycling scheme, which turns our packaging into other useful plastic products and keeps these materials in circulation.
  • Buying recycled materials, such as recycled paperboard content for transporting our products, which helps create a market for recycled products.

Our society’s current economic model is mostly linear: we take materials, make products, then dispose of the products at the end of their lives. However, our growing waste problem, scarcity of resources and soaring carbon emissions has led to a global shift towards the circular economy.

This innovative system applies what happens in nature to production and consumption systems: waste and pollution are designed out; products and materials are kept in use and natural systems are regenerated.

This sustainable way to manage materials helps to address global waste issues, trigger innovation and create new jobs.