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Toasted kumara ricotta and rye sandwiches

Serves: 4
Prep: 10
Cook: 10

    These high fibre, high protein toasted kumara ricotta and rye sandwiches are a great healthy and filling lunch option.


    • 1 small kumara, washed and sliced
    • 200g low-fat ricotta cheese
    • 1 small spanish onion, finely diced
    • 8 slices rye bread
    • 1 cup baby spinach leaves
    • 2 large tomatoes, sliced


    1. Steam sliced kumara in the microwave on high for 5 minutes or until tender.
    2. In a small bowl, combine ricotta cheese and spanish onion. Spread the ricotta mixture over four slices of bread.
    3. Top with baby spinach leaves, warm kumara and tomato. Place another slice of bread on top.
    4. Toast sandwich in a sandwich press for 5 minutes or until golden and warmed through.


    • If you don’t have a sandwich press, this sandwich also works well when grilled or served on toasted rye bread.

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