KickStart Breakfast Programme

KickStart Breakfast is a joint initiative between Sanitarium, Fonterra, and the Ministry of Social Development.

The programme is designed to positively impact child well-being through providing access to nutritious food at school. It's helping give our tamariki a boost to both their school day and their future by ensuring they have a healthy start along with a full puku to keep them alert in the classroom.

KickStart Breakfast is the only national breakfast programme of its kind, and has been delivering Sanitarium Weet-Bix™ and Anchor™ Milk to New Zealand schools since term 1 2009. The programme is run in more than 1,300 schools nationwide, and serving over 180,000 breakfasts each school week.

Why Does it Exist?

KickStart Breakfast exists to make sure Kiwi kids can get a great start to their school day with a healthy nutritious breakfast.

Schools say KickStart Breakfast clubs are not only helping children nutritionally but is also making a positive impact on learning behaviour. In school research shows;
  • Children are happier, have more energy, are able to concentrate longer and children are more settled in class.
  • Children are no longer eating junk food at morning tea
  • The club provides a safe and welcoming environment for children to socially connect and share each other’s experience.
  • The support and interaction with peers, school staff & teachers and volunteers along with a nutritious start to the day helps children stay engaged for a day of learning. 
How Long has it Been Going?

In total the programme has served more than 50 million breakfasts since its inception.

In 2009, Sanitarium and Fonterra partnered to provide free Sanitarium Weet-Bix™ and Anchor™ milk twice a week to decile 1-4 schools.

The Government came on board in 2013, extending KickStart Breakfast to five days a week and opening up the programme to all schools in New Zealand across all deciles including New Zealand, across all deciles including primary, intermediate and secondary as well as Teen Parenting, Special Schools and Alternative Education Providers.

How Does it Work?

Sanitarium and Fonterra provide the product. Then it's up to the school community to provide provisions including bowls, spoons, a central location, food storage facilities and of course the people to run the breakfast club.

The ‘community partnership’ model is an effective one, as by focusing on the critical aspect of food rather than logistics, KickStart is able to provide a breakfast offering to as many schools who choose to take part.

For more information please visit https://www.kickstartbreakfast.co.nz/