Genetically modified foods

In 1999, responding to consumer concern about genetically modified (GM) foods, Sanitarium moved to assure its customers that the soy used in So Good™ soy milk was not from genetically modified crops, using the term “non-GM soy” and including it on the pack. Sanitarium was the first food manufacturer in Australia to take this step, and ever since then we have maintained a non-GM soy supply chain and labelled our soy milks and frozen desserts accordingly. 

Our position 

In keeping with consumer expectations, Sanitarium is committed to providing foods that do not contain genetically modified material, either by tracking the materials we use back to the source seed or by testing them. 

We believe consumers have a right to know exactly what is in their food. As such Sanitarium fully supports the Australia and New Zealand labelling regulations that require the presence of GM ingredients to be indicated on product labels. Our policy is to ensure that none of our ingredients, or any of our products requires the labelling of GM materials.

GM foods: what does the future hold?

Sanitarium is not opposed to the use of biotechnology. It can offer important improvements in food production, including plants that are more nutritious, resistant to disease or drought tolerant. We support the responsible introduction of new technology, as long as consumers are informed every step of the way. 

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