Feeding the nation with healthy affordable foods

As part of our campaign targeting the reduction of sugar in the original UP&GO blue box, we have removed a further 600 tonnes of sugar from the Trans-Tasman Liquid Breakfast market*.

UP&GO No Added Sugar launched in New Zealand in October 2020 in Chocolate and Vanilla, offering a solution to consumers who had not previously purchased within the liquid breakfast category.

* Calculated on scan sales for the period of July-December 2019

Sugar reduced in loose cereals portfolio

Two Low GI Granolas launched in New Zealand in mid-2019, featuring low sugar, low sodium, and a 5 Health Star Rating.  A new Blackcurrant variant of Honey Puffs 25% Less Sugar launched in February 2020 with a 4 Health Star Rating. 

5 million kilos of wholegrain goodness consumed across New Zealand

New Zealanders consume over 5 million kilos of wholesome wholegrains and including more than 500,000 of dietary fibre a year by eating their favourite breakfast cereal, also Weet-Bix Blue.