Helping out in times of crisis

In New Zealand, we’re unfortunately only too used to natural disasters such as earthquakes, severe storms and floods. Sanitarium is able to assist communities in the aftermath of catastrophic events by providing emergency relief in the form of Weet-Bix, So Good and UP&GO.

When natural disaster strikes, Sanitarium partner with emergency relief agencies, like the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), who assess the situation and identify the best way for us to provide support. We then stay in contact with agencies working on the ground to ensure that the most appropriate assistance reaches those in need as quickly as possible.

Providing emergency food relief where it is most needed is just one of the ways Sanitarium fulfils its philosophy of caring for our communities.

Responding to the Tonga tsunami 2022 

When an underwater volcano eruption near Tonga triggered the January 2022 tsunami it left the island nation devastated.  Sanitarium responded to help community groups and aid agencies get food to those displaced from their home.

Sanitarium supported this food relief effort with the donation of over 900 packets of Weet-Bix™ to be placed in each food parcel in this shipment. #TagTonga volunteers in New Zealand packed a 40ft container with over 900 food parcels that was unloaded in Tonga.

The #TagTonga team hand delivered the food parcels to over 2000 people throughout Tonga.  Urgent delivery went to those in some of the worse hit areas like Patangata, Kanukupolu and Siesia Island and many other villages.

The Nau family from Atata island shed tears of gratitude when they received their food parcel, “because this was the first time the family had received support since being displaced due to the eruption.  We are so overcrowded in the tiny house and constantly worry about what we will eat”.

#TagTonga is an aid initiative on the ground in established by Affirming Works (AW) in New Zealand.  AW have served the Pacific communities for over 20 years with a community-led humanitarian response to disasters.

AW are committed to support Tonga over the following months as the nation continues to recover from the Tsunami. AW is now also well positioned with their network to assist Tonga families now affected by Covid and unemployment as Tonga continues their lockdown.

Report details with thanks to AW Progress Report for #TagTonga Feb 25 - Mar 20, 2022.

Report details with thanks to AW Progress Report for #TagTonga Feb 25- Mar 20, 2022.
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Last updated April 2022