Sanitarium supports beverage carton recycling

Sanitarium and Tetra Pak have co-funded a baling machine (compacts waste materials together to reduce the volume of material handling and for more efficient shipping) and collection cages to facilitate the collection of beverage cartons at The Junction – Zero Waste Hub in Taranaki. This is one of the 41 local government and community groups around New Zealand that accept beverage cartons to prevent them going to landfill and to be re-made into low carbon building materials.      

saveBOARD, the first New Zealand recycling plant to process beverage cartons made from liquid paperboard, aims to create 200,000+ low carbon construction boards a year. Find your nearest collection point here.    

Sanitarium is targeting 100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, and this is just one of the ways Sanitarium is working towards developing sustainable, healthy communities. Sanitarium continues to work with industry partners, like Tetra Pak who is a supplier of our beverage cartons to find ways to make a positive impact on the environment.   

Chris Stanbridge, Head of Sustainability at Sanitarium said, “We know that that there are still some challenges to overcome in making recycling easier and more accessible for New Zealanders. We remain committed to being a part of industry solutions to divert waste from landfills.”  

“We are incredibly thankful to Sanitarium So Good for supporting our community goals and co-sponsoring our baling machine and collection cages, allowing us to divert reusable waste from our landfills. The response has been fantastic from individuals, families, community organisations and businesses with over 550kgs of liquid paper boards collected in just 5 months, that’s around 16,500 individual cartons not going in the ground! said the Resource Recovery Supervisor from WISE Charitable Trust, operators of The Junction Reuse Shop.  

“The team at SaveBOARD are excited to be working with community groups and companies, like The Junction and Sanitarium to make recycling beverage cartons more accessible and to help deliver on a local circular & low carbon economy solution,” said Chief Operating Officer & founder, saveBOARD, Paul Charteris.