Our UP&GO packaging provides the ultimate convenience, delivering the right type of energy when and where you need it. We’re actively seeking sustainable solutions to improve the recyclability of our packaging, helping you to recycle on the go.



The long-life cartons we use for UP&GO have the lowest carbon footprint of the most common packaging types, according to a recent Life Cycle Analysis conducted by thinkstep-ANZ on behalf of Tetra Pak. Here’s why:



We’re actively seeking sustainable solutions to UP&GO’s straw, which has already been light-weighted by 15%.  


PET Bottles

Our UP&GO plastic bottles are made of PET plastic, a strong and lightweight plastic widely used for food and beverages. You can recycle them through most kerbside recycling systems.

You can also recycle the 'scrunchable' plastic sleeves through the NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme.

* Check with your local council whether the lids should be on or off when recycling jars and bottles, as requirements may differ between councils.

UP&GO multi-pack plastic wrap

We’re investigating alternative packaging methods to help reduce or eliminate the use of plastic wrap on our UP&GO 3 and 6 packs, working closely with our packaging suppliers, distributors and retailers. In the meantime, you can recycle this soft plastic through the NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme. 

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