So Good

With so many ways to enjoy So Good, more and more New Zealanders are turning to our great tasting dairy free milks for both health and environmental reasons. Not only is So Good Lighter, Brighter and Better, our packaging is too.


The long-life cartons we use for our beverages have the lowest carbon footprint of the most commonly used packaging in New Zealand and Australia, according to a recent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Here’s why:

saveBOARD and Tetra Pak has been giving new life to long life cartons into building materials to replace plywood, particle board and plaster board. This creates a local circular economy for these beverage containers and limit valuable resources going into landfill.  

Working with local government and community groups, saveBOARD have many drop off points around the country for used beverage cartons.  Click HERE to find your nearest drop off location. Click HERE to find your nearest drop off location