Soy milks

So Good soy milk products from Sanitarium New Zealand are available in the Long Life Milk aisle of the supermarket, offering a fantastic range of regular, lite and flavoured variants. So Good Regular and So Good Lite soy milk are also available chilled in selected supermarkets. Check out our range and see which product best suits your needs.

So Good soy milks are made with non-GM* soy protein and contain a range of essential nutrients including protein, calcium and phosphorus, while also providing vitamin B12, vitamin A and riboflavin. And it gives you all that goodness with no animal fat, no cholesterol and no lactose. In fact, So Good is a great choice for all round great nutrition.


*By non-GM soy we mean Identity Preserved. Soy is the main characterising ingredient in So Good soy milk. By using an Identity Preservation process, every stage from seed to supermarket is controlled to maintain segregation and minimise the possibility of mixing identity preserved soybeans with any genetically modified soybeans.