High Fibre New Zealand Black Doris Plum

With less than 3.8g of sugar per serve^, start your day the right way with Sanitarium NZ Black Doris Plum Granola! A combination of tasty wholegrain oat clusters, seeds and freeze-dried New Zealand Black Doris Plum - delicious!

  • Excellent source of fibre
  • 30% of your daily fibre needs in one serve*
  • Very high in wholegrain
  • Less than 3.8g sugar per serve^
  • No artificial colours or flavours
*Adequate Intake of dietary fibre for adults is 30g per day
^per 50g serve of Granola without milk

Glycaemic Index (GI) value = 49

Health Star Rating

2021 Granola High-Fibre-Black-Plum

The Health Star Rating is a government led initiative, rating foods from a ½ star to 5 stars based on their nutritional value. When making food choices, consider those with higher star ratings. For more information go to www.sanitarium.com/health-star-rating.

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