The recruitment process

Regardless of whether you land your dream job with us, we believe that everyone who applies for a job with Sanitarium should have a great experience.  Treating everyone with respect and care is front and centre of what we do which also applies to our recruitment process.

Our commitment to you:

  • Being kept up to date on your job application
  • Being provided with constructive feedback throughout the process (either electronically or verbally)

The Recruitment Process

The whole recruitment process may take between 4-6 weeks. All applicants that progress to interview will receive verbal feedback on how they have performed throughout the recruitment process.

We require applicants to be Australia/ New Zealand Citizens, a permanent resident or have unrestricted work rights in that country.


Advertise and Screen

Roles are advertised for 2-4 weeks, if your application matches the criteria for the role we will be in contact with you to conduct an initial phone or video interview.

If not, we will notify you via email that your application has not been successful and reasons why



There will be two rounds of interviews for salaried roles. The first interview will be with the direct hiring manager and the talent acquisition team. The second interview will be with a senior leader and the HR business partner, and may include a case study.


Employment Checks

Two reference checks will be conducted via an online portal

All applications will be required to pass a police check.

You will also be asked to complete a medical declaration for office based roles or a full medical.



A verbal offer will be made by the talent acquisition team, and you will receive a written contract shortly after.

CV Tips

When applying for roles, it is important to make sure your CV and cover letter are a true reflection of your skills and experience and give a strong idea behind your reasons for applying for a specific role. We want to hear from applicants who have taken the time to construct a clear, sharp and effective CV,. The one-size-fits all CV usually fits nothing!

Our job listings contain details about the specific experience, skills and education required for the role. If you take the time to identify those characteristics and then highlight them on your CV , you will have the chance to present your potential in the best way possible.

Dress the Part

Sanitarium’s standard dress code is Business casual - it is less formal than traditional business wear but gives a professional and businesslike impression. It is more dressy than jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, yet less formal than a suit and tie.

As it's commonly a company's default dress code, a business casual outfit is the safest option when deciding what to wear to a job interview. And even if your business casual outfit is a bit fancier than required, you'll still be okay regarding the dressing criterion. In fact, some HR specialists recommend being slightly overdressed for an interview rather than risking being underdressed.

Tell us about you

Have a concise answer prepared that focuses on your key skills, knowledge and experiences that are relevant to the position. Touch on personal skills and characteristics that translate into career strengths.

Come prepared

We will ask you to provide us with specific work-related examples to questions we ask. Its important that you explain what your role was and avoid using words such as we, they, the team, as that doesn’t provide us with an understanding of what role you specifically played.

Ask questions

The interview is a great opportunity to learn more about Sanitairum, the position, or even the people you will be working with. We recommend you take some time to think about what questions you may have for us so that you also get the most out of the interview.