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Food in focus: Oat milk

Move over soy and almond milk, there’s a new kid on the block that’s creating a stir. Oat milk has shot to popularity since hitting the café scene and is now available from supermarkets in new Zealand. Oat milk has a deliciously creamy flavour that appeals to both dairy drinkers and plant milk devotees. It’s this distinct taste difference that’s seen New Zealand sales soar significantly from 2019 to 2021.

How is oat milk made?

Oat milk is a common option at your local cafe and can even be purchased at some supermarkets or health food stores. It's especially gaining popularity since hitting the coffee scene. Oat milk can also be made at home by blending soaked oats and straining the liquid through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag. 

What can oat milk be used for?

Oat milk can be used in almost any recipe, from smoothies to cakes to soups, or can be drunk straight from the glass. As its flavour profile isn’t overpowering, it can be used just like dairy milk. It is quickly becoming a popular choice in cafés as the best plant-based milk alternative for coffee because of its creaminess and mild flavour. 

Is oat milk good for me?

It’s a delicious milk alternative for people with intolerances and dietary restrictions, especially nut, soy or dairy allergies. If you’re buying oat milk look out for those that are low in sugar and fortified with calcium and B vitamins.

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