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Food in focus - Lemons

While you may not find yourself eating lemons in large quantities due to their sour taste, lemons are a good source of vitamin C, so get squeezing! The vitamin C content of lemons can actually help our bodies absorb iron — especially important if you’re following a vegetarian diet. Try a lemon vinaigrette over steamed broccoli or a spinach salad.

A squeeze of lemon over your meal also helps to bring out the flavours and is a good substitute for salt when you need to cut back.

Top tip: when choosing lemons, look for ones that are bright yellow and feel heavy for their size. If your lemon has soft or brown spots on the skin, best to avoid them.

Once home, keep them at room temperature. They’ll last for a week this way. Or, you can pop them in the fridge and they’ll stay fresh for several weeks.

Some of our most popular lemon recipes