5 Easter traditions to try with your family

Easter is one of the most loved holidays of the year, giving us the opportunity to switch off and make the most of valuable family time amidst our increasingly busy lives.

While chocolate eggs might be the focus for the kids – indeed it’s estimated Aussies will spend $200 million on chocolate over the long weekend – there are simple ways you can steer the activities towards family fun and creating memories, without missing the sweet treats.

Why not hop into these Easter traditions?

  1. Happy hunting: An Easter egg hunt is always a highlight of the weekend. Why not take it to the next level by busting out of the backyard and leaving clues around the neighbourhood? This can be great fun for big family gatherings, especially getting all the cousins (big and small) involved. It can be as simple as leaving bunny tracks in chalk or tying balloons with clues to discover the secret Easter egg stash. You may even collect a few of the neighbours along the way. 

  2. Get crafty: If an Easter hunt is part of your plans, the kids will need a basket. Empty out the craft box and let the kids go wild. A nice idea is to ask siblings to make a special basket for each other. It’s an opportunity to teach generosity and kindness, and they can make it exciting with an “Easter basket reveal” to each other before the big hunt begins.

  3. Campfire creations: Whether you’re off camping or have a firepit at home, the cooler weather at Easter makes it perfect for some quality campfire time. From roasting potatoes to old school damper, there’s plenty to get the kids involved in. Open fire cooking is one of the hottest trends (pun intended) of the moment– this delicious charred corn on cob recipe would be great cooked over an open flame.  So have fun, try something new and enjoy the family time as you relax around the campfire.

  4. Snap to it: If you’ve got everyone in their Sunday best, why not make the most of it and take a family snap? Think about starting a tradition and take a photo in the same location, with your family members arranged in the same order, each year. It’ll be special to look back on as you see your family grow (the changing hairstyles and fashion could make for a few laughs too).

  5. Plant power: Easter is a great time to get out into the garden and we know the kids love any excuse to get dirty! Planting a new veggie patch or flowerbed now, will give any new plants the time to establish before the winter chill hits. If you’re in a tropical climate, lucky you! Veggies are perfect to plant right now – think tomatoes, cucumber and basil. If you’re down south, great winter eats to plant include beans, cauliflower, cabbage and sage.