Community Care

Please review our guidelines at the bottom of the page before submitting.


Sanitarium donates to a preferred list of charities and financially supports a selection of community projects. Each year Sanitarium receives thousands of worthwhile requests to support community projects, however, we are unable to support them all. Below are the guidelines that Sanitarium uses to assess requests for sponsorship.

All requests must be received, in writing, by Sanitarium six (6) weeks prior to your event date. Sanitarium endeavours to respond to all requests within 15 working days, upon their written arrival to the Sponsorships Department.


We support projects with a heavy, active community focus. There must be clear fit with Sanitarium’s mission to lead, inspire and resource the genuine experience of happy health living in our community.

What will Sanitarium sponsor?

Organisations or activities that have some or all of the following:

  • A nutritional education focus or benefit
  • A community focus
  • Lacking in support from other organisations
  • No conflict of interest with competitors
  • Support is provided by way of product donation rather than cash grants.
What won't Sanitarium sponsor?
  • School fairs, raffles, auctions, chocolate wheels or requests for Sanitarium product resale
  • Sponsorship of individuals
  • Projects outside of New Zealand
  • Activities associated with gambling
  • Any connection with alcohol or cigarettes
  • Sanitarium is owned and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church - therefore we will not support events requesting commercial or promotional assistance during the hours of Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.
 Sanitarium respects your privacy. All the information you provide will be treated with total confidentiality. For more information please see our privacy policy.