Our approach to food

Providing the community with truly nourishing, affordable plant-based foods sits at the very core of everything we do as a Company. It is the reason Sanitarium started in 1898 and it will continue to guide us into the future.

At Sanitarium, we believe that nutritious plant-based foods, processed only as much as needed for nutrition, taste, convenience and safety, can nourish body, mind, and spirit, and enhance wellbeing. 

Our unwavering commitment to nutrition is reflected at every stage of product development with our team of qualified Dietitians ensuring we align with the very latest evidence-based science. 

We are equally committed to helping the public adopt healthier eating patterns with well researched evidence-based educational material including digital food, nutrition and health resources along with our interactive 'Ask a Dietitian' service.

Click the image below to view our Food for Life Nutrition Framework

Do you have a question about healthy eating? Sanitarium’s expert team of dietitians can help