How can we act together?

While governments, organisations and industry work together to find solutions, there are actions you can take to make positive environmental change right now. For example:

  1. Cut your food waste wherever possible – over 35% of household rubbish to landfill is food waste. Be inspired by these easy tips and tricks: 
  2. Reduce your use of single-use items such as plastic bags wherever possible.  
  3. Check the recycling instructions on necessary food packaging, as shown by the Australasian Recycling Label, and recycle the right items in your kerbside recycling bin. Recycling is valuable both environmentally and economically as a resource.  
  4. Compost unavoidable food scraps to keep them out of landfill and reuse them as a resource on your garden.  

Recycling Basics

Recycling has become second nature to most of us, yet many people are still confused about which bin to use and what to do with those tricky materials like bottle caps and soft plastics. 

We and many other brands are adopting the Australasian Recycling Label to help clarify recycling instructions on food packaging and boost recycling rates, recovering these materials as resources. 

Generally, most food packaging is either: 

  • Recyclable through kerbside bin collections 
  • Compostable   
  • Not recyclable

"28% of packaging is incorrectly disposed of in the wrong bin or directly disposed to landfill."

- Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation. 2020. Our Packaging Future: A collective impact framework to achieve the 2025 National Packaging Targets

Planet Ark runs a helpful information service in Australia, with a searchable app and website that tell you the materials that are recyclable by each local council area. 

You can also contact your local council directly for waste and recycling information.  

Useful links for further on packaging and recycling information: