POS Recyclable

Point-of-sale goes recyclable

Promotional displays and signage in supermarkets are designed to grab our attention and have us reaching for that special buy, but have you ever wondered what happens to all that material when the promotion is over?

As part of our focus on meeting the 2025 APCO National Packaging targets, we’re introducing 100% recyclable and plastic-free point-of-sale (POS) displays, making it simple for our retail partners to recycle them at the end of their use and potentially saving 20 tonnes of material from landfill.i

Aiming to make our three bulk POS items 100% recyclable by 2023, we engaged suppliers Retail Logic to source renewable and sustainable materials for our displays, while making them durable and efficient to assemble.

Our new POS chair and riser displays use FSC-certified cardboard, sourced from recyclable materials in the form of 95% cardboard pulp and 5% recyclable paper overlay. Plastic-free, fully-compostable tower clips are made from a special blend of Bagasse (a by-product of crushing sugarcane), recycled board and paper. It is estimated that the industry is currently responsible for over 21 million plastic clips going to landfill every year, with each clip taking 10 lifetimes to break down.ii

The traditional polypropylene laminate wrap has been replaced with a recyclable, compostable and biodegradable water-based varnish, using a more sustainable digital printing process. The team has also optimised the weight of the displays to reduce material usage and is using flat-packed, stackable cartons to reduce the carbon footprint of shipment. All the outer packaging used to despatch chairs, risers and towers is already fully recyclable.

From 2022, our entire POS range will be 100% recyclable and sourced from recyclable materials. So next time you grab a Sanitarium product on a special display at the end of an aisle, know that not only can our packaging be recycled, but our promotional material can be too.
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