Weet-Bix™ wake-up shake

Serves: 2
Prep: 5
Cook: 0

    With all the goodness of bananas, dates and Weet-Bix™, the Wake-up shake delivers a source of iron and fibre.


    • 2 Weet-Bix
    • 300ml So Good Almond Milk
    • 1 banana
    • 4 dates
    • 1 tsp cocoa powder
    • 1 tbs chia seeds


    1. Place the Weet-Bix into a blender with the So Good Almond Milk and let soak for a minute to soften.
    2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.


    • If you want to enjoy an ice cold drink, add some ice cubes to your shake!

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