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Peanut hummus

Serves: 6
Prep: 10
Cook: 0

    This peanut Hummus makes a great dip to go with grazing platters or to entertain last minute guests. Super quick and easy to whip up, its ready in just 10 minutes and the peanutty spin gives it a unique flavour that all your guests will comment on. Super creamy and smooth, this hummus has a hint of zesty flavour thanks to the addition of lime. This contrasts perfectly with the flavour of So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened. 


    • 400g can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
    • 2 shallots/spring onions, roughly chopped
    • 1 small clove garlic, peeled
    • 1/4 cup natural yoghurt
    • 3 tbs Sanitarium™ Smooth Peanut Butter
    • 2 tbs So Good™ Almond Milk unsweetened
    • 1 lime, finely grated rind and juice
    • 1 tbs hot water
    • black pepper/sumac or sweet paprika to garnish
    • vegetable pieces to serve


    1. Place all the ingredients except the pepper and sumac into a food processor
    2. Puree to desired consistency
    3. Spoon into a serving bowl and sprinkle with the black pepper and sumac
    4. Serve with a selection of vegetables and crackers

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