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Mediterranean grazing platter

Serves: 10
Prep: 30
Cook: 30

    Give your party platter a Mediterranean twist with classic plant-based dishes. Make sure to include a range of textures and flavours – with lots of dips and dippers for big and little hands. Make up a pitcher of mint iced tea or sparkling lemon water as refreshing drink options.

    Read our tips to styling the perfect grazing platter and for more delicious platter ideas take a look at our grazing platter recipe collection.


    Suggestions for prepared recipes

    Easy prep and store-bought suggestions
    • grissini (hard breadsticks)
    • char-grilled baguette slices
    • toasted pita wedges
    • pan-fried haloumi
    • tzatziki (mint yoghurt dip)
    • hummus
    • tabouli salad (parsley, tomato, onion)
    • dolmas (rice rolled in vine leaves)
    • vegetarian mezze (semi-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, chargrilled eggplant,
      roasted capsicum strips)
    • cucumber ribbons
    • quick-pickled red onion
    • tomato wedges
    • blanched green beans
    • rocket leaves
    • grapes
    • grapefruit
    • lemon wedges
    • mixed olives
    • pistachios


    1. Select serving boards or platters to suit ingredients.
    2. Place larger items and prepared recipes on boards first, making them the focal point of your platter. 
    3. Add smaller items and bowls such as nuts and dips. 
    4. Add other small elements to fill in the gaps around the main plates. 
    5. To finish your platter add decorative flourishes such as fresh herbs or edible flowers.


    • Whenever possible work with odd numbers of similar items, such as three small bowls of dips.
    • When it comes to dishes, anything goes - from your Nan's old cake tin to ceramic ramekins or clean jars from the back of the cupboard!
    • Try popping chopped veggies on skewers or creating fruit shapes with cookie cutters.

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