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Kids' pizza

Serves: 8
Prep: 10
Cook: 20

    A healthy pizza that kids will love to cook.


    • 1 wholemeal pizza base
    • 225g can pineapple pieces, in natural juice, drained
    • 1 small zucchini (courgette), grated
    • 1 cob corn, kernels removed from cob and steamed
    • 1 cup reduced-fat grated cheese


    1. Top pizza base with pineapple pieces, zucchini (courgette), corn and cheese.
    2. Bake at 220°C for 20 minutes.


    • Wholemeal pizza bases contain more fibre than those made with plain flour and can be purchased at most supermarkets.
    • Why not get the kids to help with the toppings? Children love helping out in the kitchen, and letting them choose and add the ingredients is a great way to build their cooking skills.

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