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Hummus and feta on rye

Serves: 10
Prep: 10
Cook: 0

    Hummus and fetta on rye is wonderful as an appetiser at dinner parties or a simple mid-afternoon snack.


    • 250g dark rye bread stick
    • 250g tub hummus
    • 1 cup mixed leaves
    • 2 tbs sliced kalamata olives
    • 50g reduced fat fetta, crumbled
    • 1 tbs balsamic vinegar


    1. Cut rye bread stick into 2.5cm slices.
    2. Spread with hummus.
    3. Combine mixed leaves, olives and fetta and arrange over hummus.
    4. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.


    • Caramelised balsamic is sweeter than regular balsamic vinegar and can be used as alternative in this recipe if desired.

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