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Keeping your heart healthy comes down to a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.
In Australia, heart disease is the leading cause of death. The fact is you can be young, fit and healthy, but still be at risk. Many of the risks that contribute to heart disease are silent, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and vascular complications in pregnancy. But there are healthy lifestyle habits that you can adopt to help manage blood pressure and cholesterol. 

How to keep your heart healthy

It’s important to start looking after your heart early in life to prevent problems later on. Even small reductions in cholesterol can have a positive impact on overall heart health in the long run, especially when achieved at an early age and maintained over time.

Read our dietitan-reviewed articles below that include tips and advice on how to keep your heart healthy.

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Our nutrition fact sheets, created by accredited dietitians, provide the latest nutrition and lifestyle information to help you understand which foods are the best to eat. Click here to see the heart health nutrition fact sheets