Food in focus: wholegrains

You’ll find grains in households around the country, but it’s wholegrains that should have pride of place in your pantry. From oats to buckwheat, rye or quinoa, wholegrains are packed with goodness and could help you achieve a smaller waist, a flat belly, healthier heart and a happier gut.


So what makes a wholegrain special? Grains are made up of three parts: the bran (nutritious outer layer), the germ (the seed’s embryo) and the endosperm (the germs food supply). Wholegrains are grains that have all those parts intact, which makes them fibre-rich and nutrient-packed. 

But the benefits of eating wholegrains are not just limited to their high fibre content. A combination of several nutrients is what gives whole grains their health benefit such as fibre, polyphenols and B vitamins.


Wholegrains play a vital role in our diet, with recent research revealing eating just 3 serves a day could lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 34%. That’s just a bowl of wholegrain breakfast cereal such as wheat biscuits or wholegrain oats and a wholegrain sandwich.


Wholegrains are easy to add to meals throughout the day. Check out our wholegrains recipe collection featuring heart-loving and gut-friendly whole grain foods that are also quick and easy to make.


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