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Tasty DIY Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank

For some, Christmas is about carols, cheesy gifts and… too many canapés. We tend to get carried away and overindulge with impact to our wallets and waistlines. In fact, last year Aussies were tipped to spend a whopping $11 billion on Christmas presents, with the average person spending $593 on gifts.

So, how can you give this Christmas without the guilt? The answer is simple, and likely found in your pantry — healthy and tasty gifts that won’t break the bank.

For the chocolate lover

Bliss balls are simple to make and often require no cooking. You can present them beautifully in a glass jar adorned with festive ribbon. Try mixing cacao powder with your favourite blitzed nuts, nut butter and desiccated coconut for a tasty yet healthy treat. Or try this Cherry choc ball recipe which is sure to spread some Christmas cheer.
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For the tea drinker

Making your own tea is actually quite easy and being light, it’s easy to pop in the post! Making your own means it can be personalised so everyone gets their own special brew. Simply start with a store-bought base of green or rooibos tea, then add other ingredients like spices, dried citrus peels or even dried flowers. Once mixed, pop it in a pretty canister or make your own tea bags (there’s plenty of easy online tutorials to show you how it’s done).

For the gourmet grazer

There’s nothing better than having a homemade chutney, pickle or relish in the cupboard — great for entertaining, sandwiches or to serve with flavourful curries. This thoughtful gift is surprisingly easy to make and one even the in-laws will love. Find out their favourite flavours — sweet or savoury — and find a recipe to suit. It’s a long-lasting gift that just keeps on giving.

For the kids

DIY cookie jars are a clever gift for kids, giving them something they’ll love to eat with the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Simply grab a large jar, layer all the dry ingredients (keep it wholesome if you prefer) and tie on a recipe card. You can use this method for cookies, cakes or slices; the possibilities are endless.

For the non-foodie

You might have a friend or family member that isn’t a big foodie. Thankfully, you can still find a gift idea in your pantry! A homemade body scrub is cheap, quick and easy and can be completely customised to the recipient. Use brown sugar or sea salt as a base, then add your favourite scents — anything from essential oils to spices. Bind the mix with olive or coconut oil to achieve a smooth consistency.

Get into the spirit

Get into the spirit on Christmas Day with our delicious “A very veggie Christmas” recipe collection.