Sanitarium and Life Education announce new partnership

Sanitarium Health Food Company is teaming up with Life Education and its iconic giraffe mascot Healthy Harold to help raise a nation of healthy Aussie kids.

The partnership aims to teach children how to make healthier food choices through the development and delivery of a new nutrition module for middle primary school kids, which will also include resources for teachers and parents.

Sanitarium Health Food Company, Executive General Manager, Todd Saunders said Sanitarium is proud to support Life Education, Australia’s largest non-government provider of preventative health education.

“Life Education is such a wonderful organisation, making a positive difference in the lives of Aussie kids,” Mr Saunders said.

“Aligned to Sanitarium's ‘eat well, live well’ purpose, this new partnership enables us to share our collective resources with Life Education to help build healthy, sustainable communities and fuel the unlimited potential in Aussie kids.”

Life Education CEO Kellie Sloane thanked Sanitarium for its support, and welcomed what she called a “formidable” partnership.

“Life Education and Sanitarium share a long-standing commitment to improving children’s health and wellbeing, and our collaboration is exciting for its potential to ensure the health of young Australians long after they’ve finished school,” Ms Sloane said.

“Life Education is all about encouraging the formation of healthy habits, and Sanitarium will play a key role in helping us spread our message to children, parents and teachers across Australia.”

Julie Praestiin, Head of Social Purpose & Communications said Sanitarium was equally excited to announce the new partnership that connects two of Australia’s most trusted organisations.  

“The educational resources on food, nutrition and health that we’ll develop together will give kids a ‘hand-up’ around the food and health choices they make,” Ms Praestiin said.

“It will complement the food relief ‘hand-out’ program that we have supported through the Sanitarium Good Start Breakfast Club since 2001.” 

Last updated 13 September 2021